Limitless Options for Your Hood’s Blower Systems

We offer range hood blower system options

To satisfy every possible need. Our range hood blowers are available as 400 CFM internal, 600 CFM internal, 1200 CFM internal, or 1266 CFM inline vent hood blowers, or wall or roof mount 1400 CFM rangehood blower systems. Depending on the size of your range hood, any of the above options can be multiplied. For example, we have supplied very large range hoods with 4 x 600 CFM internal blowers systems that can be operated independently depending on which side of a very wide cooking area you may be using—the options and possibilities for range hoods we offer are limitless. We can make fabricate virtually any range hood you need.

For detailed technical information on the range hood blower system, please click on the respective image below for detailed range hood blower specifications:

Introduction to Internal Blower System:

The internal range hood blower systems used are of the highest German quality and are used by high-quality European range hood manufacturers. These blowers due to their powerful static pressure are able to maintain strong and consistent airflow even over long duct runs—see the table below. Our custom range hood fabrication capabilities enable us to combine multiple internal range hood blowers into combinations that will provide CFMs ranging from 400 CFM all the way up to 2400 CFM and more. We recommend the use of 8" ducting with the 600 CFM range hood blower system and 10" ducting with the 1200 CFM option. The AC dual inlet, forward curved centrifugal kitchen hood blower operates at 4 airflow levels however with the unique control system used by Modern Aire we are able to make this into a seamless infinite airflow through the use of variable speed controllers.


Introduction to External Blower Systems:

Ultra-high Performance – Superior fan blade design provides super-high air movement 125% more efficient than other professional-level remote ventilators. And our 1.4K has power enough for the heartiest 60” Professional range.

Super Energy Efficient – High CFM output at 1/3 the power (wattage) of comparable professional-level (1200+ CFM) remote ventilators

Low Profile – 9” at the highest point, with a 7” radiused profile. Restaurant kitchen vent hood ventilator power without the industrial fan look.

Hyper-quiet – 70% quieter than conventional remote range hood ventilators; 66 decibels ambient white noise maintains outdoor quiet and solitude, plus eliminates in-hood motor noise.

Decorative Finishes – Choose metallic copper or matte black finish or any of a complete array of custom colors in rugged powder-coated epoxy enamels. Or opt for our standard, weather-resistant, extra-durable galvalume blower housing that will stand up to the toughest conditions.

Heavy-Duty Backdraft Damper – Spring-loaded, positive closure back draft dampers, keep cold air out in the worst of conditions.

Variable Motor Speed – Solid state device variable speed range hood blowers give you 100% control to dial in the exact vent power for the current cooking condition.

Maintenance-free – Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings require no upkeep. Thermal overload protection with auto reset that guards against system destruction. Plus, external rotor construction places the motor at the center of the permanently attached fan wheel for superior cooling from passing air, assuring long-life and trouble-free performance.

Ultimate Serviceability – In the unlikely event that the system should fail, our Uni-Structure motor/impeller/control assembly is replaced as a unit. Removing just 6 screws is all it takes to replace the entire structure as one.

7-Year Warranty – The finest materials and construction allow the industry’s best warranty.